Recipe: Lulu’s Healthy Lasagna

In 2007-2008 when I was in my enormous pregnancy glory with child #1 I had the opportunity to work on a weight loss show called X-Weighted. This was back in my media days not in holistic nutrition, and thank goodness because I’m not sure I would agree with some of the strategies!  Anyhoo… as these participants were getting smaller I was getting larger!  I really connected with Gaia who was a mom with some body issues.  Although she was a powerhouse on the outside she had some stuff to work through on the inside. Gaia played roller derby and her game name was “Lulu”.  She developed the basics for this recipe so she could still enjoy the things she loved. Now I do this all the time – take comfort foods and revamp them to make them healthier. I make this recipe often and everyone likes it. Thanks Lulu….. (a side note, she now works in media so the tables have turned).

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