Recipe: Chai Turmeric Tea

Often in the afternoon or evening I need something warm and relaxing that is going to get me past the afternoon lull and taste really good! I created this drink because I am trying to stay away from caffeine after 2pm and wanted something that would have more health benefits. I love the taste of Chai but the concentrated syrups are full of sugar and many of the tea blends are caffeinated. Roobis tea, also called red bush tea, is not caffeinated and is derived from the leaves of the rooibos plant native to regions in South Africa. The tea is high in antioxidants, minerals and has been thought to improve blood circulation and settle the stomach. What’s not to like really? This forms the base of my drink and I combined it with turmeric which is another health powerhouse with it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Don’t forget to add the black pepper as it helps to increase the good benefits of the turmeric and let the body utilize it. The healthy fat of the coconut oil helps to satisfy and is good for the brain. I love the creaminess of the full fat coconut milk, I like to blend it for extra froth. YUM! I hope you like this as much as I do.

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