Morning Rituals

Awhile ago I was having trouble focusing, which for a semi-A personality was a challenge. It could have been changing from school, to summer, to being a mom, to building a business and not really knowing where my focus should be. I think it was a little of ‘everything being new and not knowing where to start’. A good friend of mine shared with me her morning ritual which helped to ground and focus her daily. From that I created my own which involved quiet time, reading, drinking my lemon water, some yoga and setting some goals with positive affirmations. This can be done in the morning or in the evening if it works better but I highly recommend it. It sets the stage for the energy you want to have and gets you focused on goals for the day or week. It’s a really important part of self-care and making time for yourself, especially if you are a parent. It’s easy to get sidetracked in our fast-paced world. This is not to say it happens everyday but when it does things seem to be a lot more focused.

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